Dienstag, 26. April 2016

Saying (goodbye)

Sitting in the „White Rabbit“ in Sydney after 3 month again.
So I throw a stone, in the past. 
The time, before I hear hitting it the ground,
tells me the distance.

The period of farewells has arrived. 
At last weekend put my feet last time, for a while(!), into the Pacific,
my old fellow, mostly accompanied me at left side of the road.
Yesterday left the Australian branch of family,
has been a little bit like home.
Today parting from "Flat White" my old, smelly, reliable mobile home,
after 18,787 Km I leave him at the car rental company.
At Thursday I`ll say „See you“ to Australia.

Sydney meanwhile aged.
The „southseas-oceanic“ flavor,
becomes somehow a litte bit more a „Frankfurt-Am-Main“ taste.  
Autumn don`t spared „The City“.

So I prepare for the lift up, throwing off ballast.
The food storage and my mattress to the family.
The crumpled brown paper bag, full of coins, to an old violinist in Pitt Street. 
The pliers,  freed no kangaroo from a fence,
to the man behind the counter in the car park.
(so he took two bags of rubbish too).

Slightly but not easier becomes my being.

When I look ahead, 
I see no longer the endless road in front
but endless work coming towards me.

I love my job.
I love it much more to travel.
So the next three years will not be only fun.

But! … no worries! 
I`m planning to put, from time to time, my head in a rabbit hole.

At the end of the journey, 
the traveler becomes aware, 
this is only the beginning of something much larger.


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